9 Thousand Hours of Patching!

Since our last blog post Scott turned 5 years old! YAY!



We had a check up with the eye doctor today and he did AMAZING! His eyes are doing great and he was 20/30 in his cataract eye! Wahoo! His vision keeps improving and we are so excited! Keep up the patching guys! It really does help!



He has been doing such a great job in glasses and he loved his new pair. We got the Miraflex Maya frames in black! I love these. They give more space for his bifocal and have a cool nose piece that helps them stay up.


DSC_0479 edit.jpg

Since he is doing so well and his vision keeps improving the doctor even lowered our patching time! Wahoo! We have officially been patching for 5 years now and even though its been hard, it has made such a HUGE difference. He can see so well! We have patched over 9 thousand hours! Can you believe that!?! We are celebrating this big accomplishment on the Eye Power blog with a giveaway here: http://eyepowerkidswear.com/5-year-patch-celebration/


At our appointment today our eye doctor also put in a referral to the geneticist so that we can see if they have any ideas on what could have caused his cataract among his long list of other things. Since he keeps having things pop up like his lymphatic malformation and  stuff. The doc said it wouldn’t hurt to talk to them. It will be interesting to see what they have to say. Im sick and tired of all the medical surprises! This poor boy has been through so much!

DSC_0138matte small2.jpg

We don’t go back to the eye doctor for 3 months! Wahoo! We will have one more specialist appointment in August and then hopefully we will have a little break with the doctor!

belly 20 week with kids_matte_small





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