WOW! Its been a LONG time since I made a post. Life has been crazy here! Scott turned 3 in April and right around that time we switched from a silsoft contact to Hard RGP contact. Its been a crazy time. With the switch it meant that we needed to switch from inserting and taking out the contact every couple weeks to daily.

This was a HUGE change for us. Scott is a fighter and boy did I have a hard time. Pinning him down every couple weeks and having him mad at me was a lot different than doing it EVERY DAY! It took months of working at it. And truthfully there were many days I would avoid contact time at all cost and we would only do it if my husband bugged me. Thank goodness for my amazing husband who pushed me to learn and get better.

After many tears and some hard days, I can officially say it payed off today! Today for the first time EVER Our little man sat in a chair (with no one holding him down) and let me put his contact in! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

He fussed some and wasn’t happy about it but he didn’t stop me and he didn’t cry like a wild monster child either! I could jump for joy TODAY!!



If you are having a hard time with contact time, I just want to say, DO NOT GIVE UP! It will pay off! And when it does, shoot me a message and I will jump for JOY with you! 😉


In other news, Our little man will have a new sibling in November! 😉 We can’t wait! (and this baby is cataract free!)

Just for fun here are some recent photos:


Scott on his 3rd birthday! 




Scott in his aphakic glasses. (such a blessing when we go to the beach) Sand and contact do not go well together!






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