EUA and 2 years old

Scott turned 2 years old in April! So crazy to think how much this little boy has done in 2 years!



Like every little boy he is in LOVE with cars, trucks and anything with wheels!

IMG_4385This month we celebrated Great Glasses Play day! It was such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of and to meet so many other families. It was amazing to me to find out how many of the cute little toddlers running around also wore a contact. Its so nice to know we are not alone. We can’t wait to host it again next year!

All three of the kiddos in this picture were born with cataracts! I don’t know what I would do without these girls and the amazing support they are!




A couple of weeks ago we lost the first contact all year!!! AMAZING! I never thought that day would come where loosing a contact wasn’t a part of a daily routine! We finally found a great fit that works! Scott is also getting better each time with inserting and removing the contact!

Since its been a year since our last EUA and really good check on our little pirates eyes we had another EUA today. Just to check everything, make sure pressures are good and get a new contact. It all went great today!


Scott ran around before happy and flirting with the nurses.


He really has grown up so much!



We can’t wait to get a new contact this week!




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