Life goes on…

Its been awhile since Ive made a post. We’ve been so busy here with life, my sisters weddings, ear appointments and Eye Power! I haven’t had a chance to post an update.

So back in January Scott had tubes put into his ears and his ears cleaned out. He went from moderate to severe hearing loss to almost perfect hearing! It was so much fun to watch him as he started to hear and learn! He really started saying lots of words his first couple weeks! He has since slowed down and we will  probably pit him in a speech class for a little so that he can catch up. It makes me so happy to see him learning and growing! Poor boy couldn’t see well or hear well for the first year and a half of his life!

End of January we went in for another eye check and we were happy to learn that our little pirates extra patching paid off! His vision was back up to what it should be and he is seeing a little better in his good eye as well. YAY!

eye apt jan


Big sister is such a good support on hard patching days! I love watching these two together!


holiday fun

Scott has had a couple days in his aphakic glasses this past month. He kept getting stuff in his eye that was bugging his contact. He totally rocks them! His balance is a little off but he has been doing well in them. We try to patch extra when he wears his aphakic glasses since their is such a difference between the two eyes.





Life just goes on. We patch and play and make it just a part of life! It is hard some days but normally just awesome to see this little man grow and learn. He amazes me EVERY SINGLE DAY!



If I was to give any advise to new cataract families. I would say to not make patching a big deal. Make it cool. Act like its the coolest thing they do. Your attitude towards patching really rubs off onto your little ones. Make patching something they do anywhere. Try to patch when you go out, because your child with feel comfortable about their patch. They will be proud of their patch. They will grow up knowing nothing different!



We specifically try to patch when we go to special events and on holidays. You can make it fun and I promise you will get good compliments. Sometimes people may ask about it but they are just curious. They need educated and are normally very nice about it! Here is our little man wearing his patch proudly at his aunts wedding last month! (The patch says Sara + Wes)



In other news, I am excited to say that I got Scotts contact in all by myself this week! First time ever. YAY! At his appointment later this week I was able to get it out in 2 tries! WAHOOOOO! I can do this!





Here is daddy and scott talking about taking out his contact….



And I found scott trying to put my contacts in the other morning! HA! So funny! I also had my contacts go missing the other day and couldn’t find them anywhere. A couple days later I found them when I was cleaning the kids room. They were dried up by a doll! Oh the joys of having a toddler in a contact!



At his appointment on friday we talked about scheduling another EUA. He’s been fighting his pressure checks lately and it might be good to get a really good look at his eye again. Its been a year since his last one.

Bring it on. Next month our little pirate will be 2 years old. WOW! I can’t believe it! He is learning and growing so fast. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. Lets bring on the years to come. You keep surprising me every day little man!


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