And He can Hear!

Well, I guess I should say he can hear a little. We’ve been struggling with our little pirates hearing lately. After a couple failed hearing test we discovered he’s got a TON of fluid build up in his ears and his ear drums were not reacting to any sound. We aren’t sure but they think the fluid could have been in his ears for a long time.

We’ve been dealing with antibiotics to try and help get the fluid to drain but it only worked a little on one ear so we are on to our next option before our next hearing test this week. We are hoping to see improvement and find out that its just a fluid problem causing the loss of hearing but we will have to wait to find out. Good news is that even with only 1 okay ear he started actually trying to talk! He has said at least 10 new words including Please, Cookie, Thank You, Daddy, Pappa, Down and wawa (water)!

In other news our little pirate also has had some vision loss in his cataract eye. DARN! Can I just say, that is a pretty discouraging thing to hear. At our last appointment he wasn’t able to see the stripes on the flash cards as well as he had before. It wasn’t too much of a surprise since we had such a hard 2 months trying to find a good contact that worked. We went a lot of time without patching and I think that had a big effect. Now we are on to more patching and hoping it will get him back to what he was before!

hugGood news is we finally ordered a pair of his very own Aphakic glasses and boy can I say they are such a relief. Im not constantly worried about the contact getting lost (at least not as worried as before). He wears them pretty well, even though the aphakic lens is pretty heavy and does weigh down that side a lot. Its nice for the days we take out the contact to be cleaned. Like this week when we was sick and rubbing his eyes a bunch!

new glasses


november lens

This week I am excited to say that I got the contact out the VERY FISRT TRY! This is a first for me. I don’t have trouble getting the contact IN but OUT has always been hard for me! It feels so good to get it out and without an hour long struggle! Anyone else who is just starting with the contacts, remember IT DOES GET BETTER!

glassesWe have been having a harder time patching lately. Im pretty sure its because he can’t see as well. The snow this week sure helped!

snow 7

snow 5

I’ve LOVED hearing from all you families out there when you order a shirt! I love talking with all you who are fighting this battle! It really helps me feel like we have a little family and we are in this together! So many people have ordered shirts that we had to order some more this week! It really shows that WE ARE NOT ALONE!


I just love this little pirate and he makes me so PROUD! I had a proud momma moment the other day at church. We had a couple people come up and ask about his patch and I talked with them while holding scott. He smiled and even pointed at his patch a couple times. He knew just what we were talking about. Later I put him down and he started walking around the room and stopping in front of each person and pointing to his patch, smiling and shaking his head yes, and then he would move on to the next person. 😉 He wanted to show off his cool eye patch! I love watching this little boy. I hope that what we are doing is going to teach him that his patch makes him different but COOL! His patch is AWESOME and gives him sight and I want him to know that and shout it from the roof tops! Any one else with me? Lets make patching AWESOME!

santa-patchersmall logo

snow day


3 responses to “And He can Hear!

      • awesome! thank you. have you ever tried MYI patches? about to order our first patches for our little boy (I emailed you recently!), & are trying to figure out which ones will be the best for his skin & not hurt him too much. The Krafty Patches don’t have the nose slits & don’t seem to be labeled ‘hypoallergenic’, have you noticed this as a bad thing? ha, we know nothing! (I emailed you recently)

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