Contact Monster

Its been one of those weeks. We were visited by the contact monster 3 times this week! I hope everyone else has a better week!


We went in for a visit with the contact specialist and she told me that our little man has developed a little stigmatism. Sadly none of the silsoft contact work right now. We have ordered a special lens but it will take 2 weeks to get it, so we are working on ordering a pair of backup aphakic lenses (these will take 3 weeks to get). So for now we are using a loaner pair of glasses they had laying around the office. We are supposed to wear them as much as possible and patch the whole time he is in them.

loan glasses s

He is so cute but he HATES them. We are taking lots of breaks but as long as he is distracted he will keep them on. (mostly) I can tell he can’t see as well though. He tried taking a step up the stairs yesterday, but because of his bad depth perception he was really a foot away from the stairs and fell. Poor boy. I hope this new contact fits and comes quickly!


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