Congenital Cataracts Suck

Ha, Ha. So life really is going pretty good even though its been crazy beyond belief between moving, Eye power sales, being on the today show, husband starting his last year of law school, a 2 year old daughter who has all but given up on sleeping and more! But really on the top of my mind has been CONTACTS, CONTACTS, CONTACTS!

Contacts are just a part of life and even though they are difficult we have figured out a pretty good routine. I feel like thats when things hit! We were getting kind of lax about checking for a contact in scotts eye because we got such an awesome fit at his last EUA. All of a sudden it all changed. Its amazing how that can happen. Its no longer fitting, staying in and getting lost in his eye. Patching has been hard because his contact keeps going below his eye lid and then he can no longer see. Poor boy! Looks like we will have to head to the PO and get a new fit!

But no matter what I do have to say….

congenital cataracts suck

Our little pirate is tough! Im so proud of him!

(if you want to see how i made this patch check out the post here:

And if you want to see our famous little pirate check out us on the news and today show here: 

No matter how much of a pain contacts and patcher are sometimes, I still have to celebrate that he does have vision in that eye and is accomplishing so many things! He is SUCH a HAPPY boy!


emma and scott



scott cupcake fun


2 responses to “Congenital Cataracts Suck

  1. Hi my name is Erika and I’ve been following your blogs in the past day and I think your an amazing person everything you have done for your son.ive commented on a few of your posts and I’m not sure if u saw but I have a 5 month old that was born with a congenital cataract and he’s been through two surgeries and wears the contact and so many hours of patching.every day is a new challenge but I will never give up!!my son is my world.your stories are inspiring.i would like to keep in touch with u if possible.hope to hear from you soon!

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