Just chugging along….

We are just chugging along with life. Our life with contacts, patching and glasses has become the normal part of life. Our little pirate is doing great! His pressure is good and his vision looks great! He surprises me what he see’s when patched. He is growing and learning and a normal crazy 14 almost 15 month old boy! He runs and plays and gets into things, he giggles and plays with his sister and it makes me so happy to watch. I love this little boy so much!

IMG_8562Scott has been an awesome patcher lately! I couldn’t ask for more.

scott copy

scott patching


great day

messy patch dayWe have our days where it isn’t easy and he fights but really he is amazing! I feel like it used to be a huge battle to patch every day and we were always struggling. Now we are doing great! Patching is just a part of our every day. I pull out a patch and he shuts his eye and holds still while I stick it on most days. 🙂 If he tries to rip it off I say no and he will stop and shake his head and go on with the playing.


patch cry1


We have only had problems when he is sick. He recently got pink eye (his wonderful sister shared) but we caught it quickly. It went away just as quick. We had to remove his contact and go without for a couple days. I am really wishing I had ordered his aphakic glasses already. It would have made me a lot less stressed about the whole thing. When we started patching back up it was like nothing had changed and he was totally happy with it. I feel so lucky. We still patch 6 hours a day. I’ve tried to do more to make up for time lost while he was sick.

fam at science

We played with some friends. 4


strapOur little pirate loves his glasses now. This is him trying to put them on his self. He is so cute! I feel like the glasses have made a world of difference! We don’t loose contacts much any more and It is a comfort knowing they protect his eyes while he is his crazy little boy self! We still check his eye for his contact a million times a day and sometimes it gets stuck under his eye lid but its doing really well since they got such a good fit at his EUA appointment.


thank-youWe have been very busy with Eye Power Kids Wear. Our kickstarter project got funded and we are busy printing shirts and stickers and business cards and hang tags and making capes and ordering mailing envelopes. Its never ending but so much fun! I can’t wait to see all these amazing kids we have met so far wearing our shirts! I want all kids who wear glasses to feel like super heroes! And I want scott growing up not embarrassed to wear his patch!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!



****UPDATE 7/15****

Never write a blog post about how well patching is going….. If you do everything may change. 🙂 Our little man has been a lot of trouble patching over the last week and all of a sudden hie eye is turning in. 😦 We have an appointment with our new PO next week to check and make sure everything is going okay.



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