EUA (Exam Under Anesthesia)

We recently went in for an EUA (exam under anesthesia) and I wanted to write a post about it so that other mom’s out their could know what to expect. We knew what surgery was like but I had no idea what to expect with an EUA.

I am proud to say that we survived and my little pirate was amazing! He really does impress me every single day!

The day before his EUA I got a call saying our check in time would be 11:30. I was not very happy about this because I was told they normally do younger kids first thing in the morning since kids can’t eat for 6 hours before being put under. DARN.

I drove the 2 and a half hours to my parents house who live a LOT closer to our dr. My husband had to stay in school. He had law school finals all week. 😦

So I set a plan. That evening put my little man to bed like normal.  Since 3am was the last time he was going to be able to eat I woke up my peaceful sleeping baby at 2:00am! He was so happy to see me and we went down stairs and proceeded to have our breakfast! I wouldn’t give up this time that I spent with my son for anything! Totally worth every minute! I let him eat, and eat and eat and eat and eat some more. And boy was he hungry. He laughed and watched me curously as I took pictures of him.

I can see him working it through his mind. “Mom, what in the world are you doing? Why did you wake me up in the middle of the night? Why are you taking pictures? …. Your crazy but I love it…. YUM!”


scott-eua2Isn’t he adorable. (Im so proud of myself for making this .gif animation. Thank you Jenica for the tutorial. If you are curious how to make one of these visit her blog here!)

EUA2And yes I was crazy and set the camera on a timer and got a photo of us playing. Hey don’t judge how I look. Remember it is almost 3am!

EUA 3And we really did have a BLAST! We ate lots of weird things (peas, cheese, a bowl of cheerios, crackers and blueberries…) Breakfast of champions.

EUA 4He ate for almost an entire hour! WOW. And then curled up in my arms and went right to bed! BEST TIME EVER!

In the morning we did whatever we could to distract the little monster so that he didn’t think about eating. We took a fun bath in the sink!

EUA bathAnd ran around the house…

EUA 5And watched sister dance.

EUA 6And then we left little sister with my not so little, little sister. And headed to appointment. My mom came with me. She is AMAZING! Scott was so happy. Didn’t complain at all. Im so glad I fed him in the middle of the night!

He walked right into his appointment. So cute!

super hero shirtHe really is my super hero.

super hero shirt2

super hero shirt3We checked in and got changed. He was so happy and watched all the nurses patiently while they asked us questions.


EUA7He is so cute! Everyone was so nice and loved watching him run all over!

EUA 9After everything was ready our doctor came and we said our good byes and I had to hand him over to the nurse. I think this is the hardest part!!!!! But my amazing little man didn’t mind and went happily to them and away they went. I went back to the waiting room. It took a little over and hour and then they came and got me. As I walked down the hallway I knew it was him screaming bloody murder. 😦 He woke up very, very un-happy.

EUA 10It felt like he screamed forever. We tried everything and nothing made him calm down. 😦 After the nurses took out his IV and tried to help calm him down they decided to send us home. I think they were glad to get him out of there. I think he was scaring all of the other kids.

EUA 12

EUA 13He calmed down a little and really liked the car ride home. He fell right to sleep.

EUA13And at home he ate and ate and ate again! He ended up not eating until 4:30 that evening. Thats a LONG time without eating! You can see they dilated his eyes a lot. This was a couple hours after being put under.


I hope this helps someone. EUA’s aren’t as bad as you would think. They are a pain but you will survive. Scott did get a new contact prescription and back up glasses prescription. Everything looks good in there and no glaucoma! YAY. His optical nerve looks a little different in his cataract eye and the doctor wasn’t sure why that was but he said he would keep an eye on it. All together, GREAT NEWS!


One response to “EUA (Exam Under Anesthesia)

  1. lol!! I love the eyebrows. That is awesome. I’m so impressed with you. I’d be going bonkers anticipating this exam. This is an incredibly thoughtful post to give other parents an idea of what to expect. So sweet!

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