Eye Power kid’s Wear

I just wanted to write and get everyone excited about my latest project. I have been designing a line of T-shirts for young kids who wear glasses, patches or are visually impaired!

We started designing some cool shirts for my son and wanted share designs with others. Now I have way too many designs and have started posting to the facebook page to get others input and find out which designs people would be most interested in.

We will be posting the project up to a site called kickstarted hopefully by the end of this week and everyone will be able to start ordering shirts! YAY! I am so excited!


Here are a couple of the designs:

MY GLASSES GIVE ME SUPER POWERS (Available with an attachable cape)

super power t-shirt

1super her sneak peek

This is Scotts adorable little buddy who was born with bilateral congenital cataracts.

2super hero sneek peek

super hero shirt

Here is Scott walking into his EUA this week! I will make a post on that soon.

super hero shirt2

super hero shirt3

3 sneek peek


Anyone with a kid in glasses can understand this shirt. 😉

glasses are real close up


monster shirt mock up


robot shirt

I will make a new post when the project gets up on kickstarter until then you are welcome to like our facebook group and get updates!

What does everyone think? 😉



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