Happy First Birthday!

Our little man’s birthday isn’t technically for another 2 weeks but we decided to throw him a little party early while we were at my parents for spring break. I think I had a little too much fun but hey, I am SO proud that both of us have survived this first year. Scott has been through so much. He is such an amazing little man! He teaches us something every single day and keeps us on our toes all the time.

First off, I had to make a cake for our little monster and it definitely had to have glasses! I Had so much fun with this project! I love how he turned out. So perfect, just what I wanted.

scott 1



Scott was really careful at first and looked over this guy closely before he decided to dig in.

scott birthday1again

scott birthday 2

scott birthdy 10

scott birthday cake again!

scott birthday 14

scott birthdy again

scott birthday 11


He really enjoyed the eyes! 🙂

scott birthday9

scott birthday cake

I love watching him check things out. He is very into all the little details. Makes me so happy knowing he can see.

scott birthday4
scott birthday5

scott birthday8

After cake we played with some cars and ate some treats.



It was a great week! So glad we could celebrate this little guys first year with my family. We also went to the beach.



Scotts first year was filled with:

20+ eye doctor appointments

45+ Hours of driving to appointments

2 Doctors

An unbelievable number of eye patches

15+ Lost contacts which we found! 🙂 **UPDATE**  now 19 and counting

About 6 contact lenses not found! 😦

7+ Eye dilations

4 prescriptions

1 pair of glasses

1 Surgery

Went from it taking us 4 hours to insert a contact lens to less than a minute!

Still working on removing the contact but getting there. 😦

We have a EUA (scheduled in the next month or 2)

He can take a couple steps when not patched.

He is FINALLY sleeping through the night too. No more late night contact removals. YAY!

They day after his party we lost another contact. 😦 We had just been to the doctor and I had told the doctor we were not having any problems with the contact and then of course we lost another one. We searched and searched with no luck and then after a couple hours, and a phone call to the doctor my mom amazingly found the contact inside the folds of a chair cushion. YAY! Their is nothing like the feeling of finding a Lost contact! Good job mommy! Isn’t my mom cute? I love her so much.


Scotts eye appointment on friday went great! His doctor said his eyes are almost equal! Yay! He is doing great. He will be put under again in the next month or two to get a better look at his eye and check pressure and everything. He has been having his good eye dilating a LOT bigger than his other eye and we are not sure why that is but the doctor doesn’t seem to worried about it. He is doing AMAZING and is the most amazing boy in the world! I love this little guys so much! Happy birthday little man!

**UPDATE** I made this post a week ago and now I think my little pirate knows i’ve been counting how many times his contact falls out and he is now trying make a record and see how many times he can rub it out by his actual birthday. Its been 4 times this week! ;(

***UPDATE*** We didn’t loose any more contacts by scotts b-day, but it still gets lost in his eye a LOT! On Scotts actually birthday we had a nice quiet day and let scott smash another cake. Lucky boy. He is also WALKING, even when patched! Something i’ve been  really worried about. YAY! Good job little man!

scott bday again

scott birthday again

scott b-day

scott b day

Our EUA is scheduled for May 2nd.


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