11 Months old

My little pirate is 11 months old. WOW! I can not believe it.

He is growing up more every single day.  He is standing and can take a step without holding onto anything. He hasn’t been brave enough to do more than 2 steps at a time. Some days I wonder if its because he is patched most the time and can’t see as well.


He is so adorable! 
park 3

park feb


scott valentine3

We Lost another contact this month! DARN! This time was while he was sleeping. We searched his bead high and low and nothing! I really did not feel like driving the 2 and a half hours to pick of the contact so I tried something new and decided to have them over night ship the contact. This made me a little stressed since we are supposed to have the contact in at all times and not go more than a couple hours without it.

I was assured the contact would be to us the next day…. That day passed with no contact! I called and they said it should be there soon…. The next day there was no contact and I was REALLY mad and upset at this time. Scott does not use his eye without his contact. He can not see in that eye without it. We cannot patch him or anything and he was loosing progress. I called the office and companied and they said they would call back. Later after no call I called again and they told me that the contact was stuck in a Chicago airport and that they had just mailed me a new one from the office.

I was so upset, really wishing they had called me before they mailed a new one so that I could have just gone and picked it up that day, but instead we had to wait another full day.

In the end Scott went almost a full week without his contact. He has been harder to patch and a LOT harder to keep his glasses on. 🙂 Now I know that I will just take the time and drive the 2 an a half hours to the eye doctor.

truck with daddy3

scott sunday2


Since he lost the contact scott has figured out how to take off his glasses, he has always pulled them down around his neck but now he rips them off and then pulls the strap from the frames and throws them in opposite directions! We can no longer keep glasses on him in the car! ;( which is sad because that is one of the times we need them the most.

He can also get the sticky patches off by himself sometimes now. ;(


Our little pirate did surprise me this week! He found a patch on the floor and brought it over to me and held it over his eye! I love that he recognizes that! Too bad when I took it from him and put it on, he started crying and was so sad! 😦

IMG_3671Next week we have an appointment. hopefully it goes well!



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